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Andros: What to See

Where is Andros Greece?

Andros is a beautiful island located in the Cyclades group of islands in the Aegean Sea, in Greece. It is the northernmost island in the Cyclades and is the second-largest of the group, after Naxos. Andros has a rich history and culture and is known for its stunning beaches, beautiful landscapes, and charming villages.

Those are only a few of the emotions travelers experience when visiting this phenomenal island! Take a moment to skim through our website to find out what there is to see in Andros Greece! Let us convince you why you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to one of the most diverse islands Greece has to offer.

Here you can find about Andros: 

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Abundant waters of lush vegetation and rare wildlife on a Greek island

The nature of Andros will amaze you. It is the Greek island of the Cyclades that is famous for its waters. In the winter months, it floods by a large number of rivers and streams. The waters end up in numerous waterfalls and springs. Consequently, that preserves the rich vegetation with abundant trees, so many species of birds and small animals can find shelter and food. What you experience exudes a distinct aura that does not refer you to a classic Greek island in the Cyclades.

The Greek island of rivers, springs, and waterfalls in the Cyclades
The Achla River flows from Petalo, one of the highest peaks in the Cyclades. It expands to the homonym beach and has water even in the summer. Arnipotamos expands to the bay of Lefka and the Great River from Stavropeda expands to Paraporti beach. In Andros, you will see several waterfalls. The waterfall in Pithara accessed by hiking, and in Paleopoli the waters are falling from above.

The most significant spring is Zenio. The most extensive volume of Zenio waters flows to all sides of the island. Krya Vrissi on the northern side of Petalo, the fountain of Koumoulou in Menites village, are some of the scattered throughout the island. The source of Sariza in Apoikia, with the homonymous table water, is considered curative.

Andros is considered one of the most Natural islands in the whole Greece

Guided River Trekking

experience the spirituality and mystical atmosphere of the Monasteries

The Greek Island of Culture and Authenticity

The Greek island in the Cyclades that carries a long history and travels to art and culture, is Andros. Museums house world-class exhibition finds and collections of immense value, naval tradition, and the imprint of the life of the island in every corner. Archaeological sites of particular importance such as Stropilas, the “Most Ancient City of Europe” dating back to 4,500-3,300 BC.

The Museum of Modern Art houses a collection of works by Greek and foreign artists. Similarly, plastic arts at the Kydonieos Foundation meet music, theatre, and literature. The Archaeological Museum, with essential findings from excavations in Andros and the Naval Museum, reveals the history of Andros shipping. The Museum of Folklore and Christian Art depicts the life of Andros and Christian art. The Kairios Library with nearly 3,000 volumes of the Theophilos Kairis collection. Furthermore the Archaeological Museum of Palaeopolis with the unique hymn in Greece honouring the goddess Isis. The small animal-powered olive extraction module sample in Cyclades Olive Museum.

Also, the International Festival of Andros gives this high-level cultural event in the Cyclades. The Gavreiotika with various cultural events. Concerts performed by the Philharmonic and Choir of the Musical Association. As a result of an art-loving Greek island in the Cyclades.

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Each one of the attractions has its own story to tell. Small stories and legends that are lost back in time. Stories worth listening to when you visit them.


The beaches of Andros are an essential reason for visiting the island. There is simply one for everybody cause of its diverse and vast coastline.