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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Cancellation and Refund Policy

Intro: in case a customer may need to change or cancel an agreed service, this will incur no penalty, provided that notification is received at least 60 days prior to the starting day of the experience or trip booked. In that case, a full refund will be granted, excluding any transaction fees incurred by Paypal or Bank transfer.

In case of heatwave, rain or snow during the day of the trip, it will not be cancelled, but it may be modified, if there are some severe weather conditions . In case you do not come to the trip because you do not have the recommended equipment or you are not prepared for the weather conditions, it will be considered as a ‘no show’ and no refund is granted.

Our complete cancellation policy applies as follows:

1.F.2. Refund amount:

1.F.2.i. 100% of the amount, excluding Bank or Fee commission (e.g. credit card)


-private trip: up to 21 days before the date of the trip, if overnight stay is involved. For plane or ship tickets, the respective company policy applies.

-shared trip: up to 21 days before the date of the trip, if overnight stay is involved or until participations expire (sometimes this takes place even before the 21 days). For plane or ship tickets, the respective company policy applies.



-private trip: up to 8 days before the day of the trip, if overnight stay is not involved. For plane or ship tickets, the respective company policy applies.

-shared trip: up to 8 days before the day of the trip, if overnight stay is not involved or until participations expire (sometimes this takes place even before the 8 days). For plane or ship tickets, the respective company policy applies.


Shared trip only

1.F.2.i.3.a. if the minimum number of participants is not achieved and therefore the trip is cancelled. Exception: if a plan B is proposed and it is accepted by everyone without exceptions.

1.F.2.i.3.b. along the same lines, if the minimum number of participants is not achieved only for some aspect of a shared trip, then the participants will receive a 100% refund for the amount of this particular aspect (for example, the musician who had been booked for the event broke his arm and cannot play at the announced event), unless this aspect is replaced by another, similar one. In this case, the refund only applies to all aspects that will not be carried out because the minimum number of participants is not achieved or other unexpected reasons and not to the aspects that will be carried out as planned. Each aspect of the trip is considered autonomous and independent, without distinguishing between primary and secondary ones. If someone wishes to join the trip only for some particular aspect, they may choose exclusively this aspect a la carte and undertake the other aspects themselves, such as transportation, accommodation, food, etc.

F.2.i.3.c. in case a plan B is proposed for some aspect of the trip (e.g. if the minimum number of participants is not achieved) and someone is not satisfied with the alternative proposal of the organisation group. Necessary condition: The participant must contact the secretariat at within 24 hours, not to proceed with plan B.


1.F.2.ii. 50% of the amount excluding Bank or Fee commission (e.g. credit card)


-private trip: from 8 up to 20 days before the date of the trip, if overnight stay is involved. For plane or ship tickets, the respective company policy applies.

-shared trip: from 8 up to 20 days before the date of the trip, if overnight stay is involved, on condition that participations have not expired. If participations have already expired, then the 50% refund applies only if the cancellation takes place beforehand. For plane or ship tickets, the respective company policy applies.



-private trip: up to 7 days before the date of the trip, if no overnight stay is involved. For plane or ship tickets, the respective company policy applies.

-shared trip: up to 7 days before the date of the trip, if no overnight stay is involved, on condition that participations have not expired. If participations have already expired, then the 50% refund applies only if the cancellation takes place beforehand. For plane or ship tickets, the respective company policy applies.


1.F.2.iii. 0% of the amount

In most of the following cases, there is no refund because the procedure for ‘committing people’, renting rooms (if any), renting a bus or equipment, purchasing materials, etc., will have be finalized by then.



-private trip: from 1 up to 7 days before the date of the trip, if overnight stay is involved.

-shared trip: from 1 up to 7 days before the date of the trip, if overnight stay is involved, regardless of when participations expire.


1.F.2.iii.2. if someone does not come to the trip (no show).

1.F.2.iii.3. if, during the trip, a participant does not make use of an aspect that they have selected-prepaid.

1.F.2.iii.4. if a participant is excluded from some activity (e.g. hiking) by the guide, because          a. they did not have the necessary equipment, as described in the formal text of the trip or b. they have overestimated their knowledge and strength and, therefore, would considerably delay the overall group speed.


Shared trip only

1.F.2.iii.4. if some particular aspect of the trip is cancelled and someone decides not to participate in the trip at all: The formal text of a trip always lists the minimum number of participants in order to carry out all aspects of the trip. Therefore, if the minimum number of participants for a particular aspect is not achieved, then this is cancelled and the participants are entitled to refund, as mentioned in the following paragraph (cancellation of a particular aspect of the trip). However, there is no refund for the other aspects of the trip, if these are carried out as planned.

1.F.2.iii.5. if we select a bus as plan B for transportation, as described in the website, and someone decides not to come.


1.F.3. Refund Methods:

-Refunds will be returned within 30 days of the cancellation date.

-The refund takes place in the same way as your deposit to us, so as to avoid additional fees/commissions by banks or Paypal. In other words, if the money was deposited to a bank, then it will also be refunded by bank transfer. If the money was deposited through Paypal, then it will also be refunded through Paypal. Specifically:

1.F.3.i. by deposit to an Eurobank Bank account

100% of the amount we have received. We will need a. an Eurobank Bank account (IBAN) and b. the beneficiary’s name.

1.F.3.ii. by deposit to a different bank account

100% of the amount we have received at the time of your deposit to us (the other bank may charge a commission), minus the commission charged by the other bank when we will deposit the refund amount. We will need a. your preferred bank account (IBAN) and b. the beneficiary’s name.

1.F.3.iii. from our headquarters, following an appointment

-By paying 100% of the amount we have received in cash.

1.F.3.iv. through PayPal

100% of the amount we have received, as listed on the Paypal official page, but without the commission/fee Paypal had charged us with, in case the depositor had selected a payment method involving a commission when they had made the deposit.

Tip: For Paypal transactions using an existing account or debit card that contains a sufficient amount of money (this does not apply to credit cards), anyone who wishes may choose the option ‘sending money to friends or family’ so that none of the transaction parties are charged with a commission. In this way, 1. you help us retain our lower prices for each trip (we continuously add a lower percentage for Paypal commission/fee to the final cost of each trip) and 2. if you decide to ask for a refund, we will return your total amount, without Paypal charging a commission.

In the event that Explore Andros needs to cancel a booking, the respective payment will be fully refunded.


1.G. Compensation and limitation of our liability to you

If the tour you have booked fails to be provided by us or our suppliers, we will pay you compensation.

1.G.1 Our liability to you shall be limited to a maximum of the cost payable to us by you for your tour. Compensation will be paid within thirty (30) days following the date the tour was scheduled for

1.G.2 We will not be liable where any failure in the performance of the tour is due to:

1.G.2.i you; or

1.G.2.ii. a third party unconnected with the provision of the tour arrangements and where the failure is unforeseeable or unavoidable; or

1.G.2.iii. unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care had been exercised; or an event which we or our suppliers, even with all due care, could not foresee or forestall. These include unavoidable technical problems with transport, war or threat of war, civil strife, strikes, demonstrations, industrial disputes, natural disaster, severe weather, epidemic or terrorist activity.

  1. Pricing Policy

2.A. οur prices are subject to change without notice. Customers, though, that have already made a purchase are not obliged to pay the difference in case of an increase in prices. Once a trip is under deposit, the trip price is guaranteed unless alternate booking conditions have been noted.

2.B. Explore Andros is not liable for refunding the difference in the case of price reduction. There is no price reduction offered for arriving late or departing early from a trip. Lower pricing for children or infants applies when clearly stated at the respective service description.

2.C. prices only include features clearly stated in the respective section describing the service such as our website or a written offer made by Greekly.

2.D. any additional services, upgrades, single supplements, transportation, and add-ons (before, during and after the trip) are available at the extra cost stated or upon request, based on the respective description of our website or our written offer. Bus itineraries and stops are specified according to the official program schedule. Additional long-distance itineraries may entail the respective extra cost.

2.E. single supplement for private room is charged, even though we try to support solo travellers. The amount of the supplement varies and can be found on each individual tour page on our website or on our written offer and it reflects the actual cost that is reduced for double occupancy reservations, since they are sharing a room.

2.F. all prices provided are on a per person basis unless otherwise stated.

  1. G. all our prices are in euros (EUR).

2.H. prices include local taxes, but they do not include tips, personal expenses or personal insurance. Explore Andros is not responsible for any personal expenses incurred due to changes in itineraries or tour cancellations, such as prepaid hotel accommodations or airline tickets. We recommend confirming your trip with Greekly after making travel arrangements that might be non-refundable.

2.I. requests for price breakdowns are always welcome, even if there are a variety of factors that are involved. We support financial transparency and we make our best to offer the best quality services, combined with reasonable remuneration for our staff, the viability of the company and the local community.

2.K. price discounts

2.K.i. price discounts (early bird, group bookings, etc.) are valid as long as they are accompanied on time a. by the deposit (50% or 100% of the total amount) and b. the respective dispatch of the certificate (or the transaction number) to Otherwise, the booking price is based on the deposit date and the price discount (if any) applicable on the respective date is applied.

2.K.ii. price discounts for group bookings assume that the group does not contain a member to which a child’s price reduction has already been applied.

2.K.iii. price discount percentage: price discounts are taken into account in order of priority and not accumulated. In other words, anyone who falls under more than one price reduction categories (either individually or in a group), is entitled to the highest individual price reduction and not to the sum of all of them.


  1. Passport, Visa & Insurance Policy

3.Α. Passport & Visa

It is the responsibility of all travellers, regardless of nationality and destination, to check with the consulate of the country they are visiting for current entry requirements.

As visa and health requirements are subject to change without notice, we recommend that you verify with the appropriate consulate prior to departure.


3.B. Travel insurance: personal travel insurance is not included. It is your responsibility to take out appropriate personal travel insurance. Explore Andros is not responsible or liable for loss, damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings, illness, disappointments or frustrations while on tour, nor responsible for any type of trip interruption due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.


3.C. Trip insurance: to avoid charges for cancellation due to covered reasons, we highly recommend the purchase of comprehensive trip insurance in order to protect their financial investment. Our experience shows that guests who purchase travel insurance including trip cancellation, interruption, delay, baggage and personal effects loss travel more assuredly. Trip insurance is non-refundable but is strongly advised to protect you in the unfortunate event that you have to cancel or leave your trip.


  1. Undertaking personal responsibility & information on outdoor activities

4.A. Undertaking personal responsibility: although ‘Explore Andros’ and its representatives will always strive to ensure safe and enjoyable completion of its trips and any activities, they cannot be held responsible for the personal safety of participants.

4.A.i. each participant shall be fully responsible for his/her personal health, medical needs and safety. In case of any injury or bodily damage, you disclaim all demands, both against the organiser as well as the person responsible for each activity. All persons responsible are fully experienced in their field and are there in order to provide all necessary assistance. Otherwise, they have a strictly coordinating and advisory role, and the participants are fully responsible for their own physical safety and integrity, accepting that they have chosen I trip that suit their abilities, level of fitness and state of health.

4.B. Autonomy outside the group: if some participant acts autonomously outside the group without the guide or the person responsible for the activity being aware or granting permission, the participant bears all personal responsibility in case something happens to them. For instance, when hiking or cycling, there is always someone in charge of the group who takes care of the group’s tempo, stops and anything else required and someone who is placed at the end (the ‘tail’). If someone leaves the group for any reason, he/she are personally responsible for anything that might happen to him/her.

4.C. Information on the activity: you have been informed of the activities and the maximum time limit for the activity to take place, according to the description included in the formal text of the trip, so that you can choose if you wish to participate, depending on your wishes and skills. Moreover, you are aware of the physical or psychological requirements (e.g. what the difficulty rate for a hiking means), the risk rate (e.g. along many routes we may come across screes, exposed windy areas, muddy trials), as well as the possibility of injury (e.g. ankle sprain or leg fracture) and all other risks, and you are responsible for your own safety. We welcome your company, but we do not wish for you to experience an undesirable physical or psychological situation, nor is it nice for the rest of the group to have to wait for you, simply because you did not accurately assess your stamina and experience or because you came without the proper equipment for being in the sun, wind, rain .

4.F. Injury, etc., during an activity: when someone from the group needs to delay due to an emergency (e.g. a sprained ankle or a crisis of asthma), the activity changes perspective and focuses on the injured person. If there is a second guide, then one of the guides stays with the injured person and the other continues with the rest of the group according to the program. In this case, the person responsible for the activity appoints a group member as ‘tail’.

4.G. Abilities, knowledge, experience, equipment: you have the necessary abilities (e.g. fitness, psychological strength in case something goes wrong), knowledge (e.g. that hiking requires tractor soles made of hard rubber to provide the necessary adhesion and to prevent slipping), the necessary experience (e.g. walking along a muddy -and therefore slippery- trail) and the necessary equipment for the activities (e.g. waterproof clothes, hiking sticks, ‘proper’ shoes, etc.), depending on the route we have selected (and described in detail), the difficulties, the season, as well as expected or unpredictable weather conditions (e.g. during hiking, the weather may change abruptly resulting in strong winds or heavy rain).

4.H. Fitness: each person’s fitness does not ‘show’ in all activities but mainly in those where they already have some experience. In other words, some of their muscle groups have been exercised in certain combinations and have acquired the skill and memory to perform specific body movements. Each new activity corresponds to a new movement, a new ‘surprise’ and a new difficulty for the body, until it gradually learns the total movement and executes it naturally and effortlessly, with significantly less strength and energy consumption. This practically means that someone experienced in mountain climbing may find it hard to perform certain ‘asanas’ in a yoga class. Respectively, someone who can perform a complete series of ‘salutations’ in yoga, may very well get very tired the first few times they climb a rather steep mountain slope. There are endless examples: People who practise regularly at the gym have sore muscles after 2-3 rappels in canyoning, or overweight experienced cyclists will very easily overcome ‘fit’ newbies with little or no experience on the cycling terrain. Since our trips involve a characteristic encounter and acquaintance with new ‘worlds’, it will be a good idea to try everything in a smooth and gradual way, referring to the activity description and the respective person responsible. After some basic experience with a new ‘world’, your body kinesiology will be enriched, since new muscle groups will have worked together!

  1. Decline a reservation and excluding people from specific activities

6.A. Decline a reservation

Greekly and the leader of each activity reserve the right to decline a reservation to anyone whose health or behaviour could impede the welfare or enjoyment of fellow guests. We agree that ‘it is OK not to be OK’ sometimes, and we do our best to support everyone’s mood. On the other hand, we consider every participant responsible for promoting the welfare or enjoyment of fellow guests.

6.B. Excluding people from specific activities

In case some people -in spite of the information provided on our website for the difficulty rate, the total time, the proposed tempo, the difficulties and the necessary preparation and equipment- decide to take part in some activity that exceeds their knowledge, experience and psychosomatic abilities, and they cannot keep up with the group, the actual guide ‘excludes’ these people. This happens either before the activity (if, e.g., they lack the proper equipment as described in our website), or after the first 10-15 minutes of a hike, when it is obvious that they lack the experience or basic fitness and jeopardise the group safety or they deprive the group from quality time for stops, relaxing, etc.

In that case, the guide or one of the guides accompanies this person/s back to a safe place (e.g. a main road, our base or a refuge), until any means of transport is available, so that they can return to our base. Then, the guide comes back to the group as quickly as possible. The above additional service of extra transportation is exclusively borne by the client.

Thus, the facts for some activities (e.g. walking, cycling) are that individuals cannot pick their own tempo as in other activities (e.g. yoga, pilates); therefore, the common group tempo is absolutely critical and we need to start and end at the same place all together, within the maximum time set on the program.

If you wish to check your abilities, you can book a free hiking appointment with one of the people organising the trip, along routes similar to the ones to be covered during the trip (e.g. a park or a mountain). In this way, we will discuss in person anything you might wish, you will feel completely confident and each step will be taken smoothly, gradually and with the proper care by us, so as to experience as many beautiful and correctly prepared moments. If you have any questions, it is always possible to contact the respective person responsible, who will be happy to assist you by phone or through the Internet.


  1. Trip program (time estimate)

In the formal text for each trip, there is a detailed schedule with a respective time estimate, based on statistics and the average. Although, in general, we match Kant in terms of accuracy, sometimes the time schedule and program for the trip might delay, be modified (in exceptional cases) or not take place at all because of a serious reason, such as adverse weather conditions, lack of homogeneity in the group’s performance due to a severe injury, or a change in place for some activity or event (e.g. if we have scheduled a yoga class outdoors and it rains, we will go to another place indoors) etc.

  1. Punctuality (working hours – meeting times, departure times, etc.)

8.A. The meeting times, departure times and activity commencement times apply normally, as is the case with the working hours of a ship or aircraft. Customers should adhere to the time on their voucher. If a customer does not arrive on time, our provider will consider this a no-show, the activity will be cancelled and no refund will be provided. It is recommended that you plan to arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the activity and that you consider the time one will require (including time for any small setback/delay). It’s great to start on time!

8.B. When working hours depend on third parties (e.g. activity of a Municipality, departure of a ship or aircraft, and so forth), the corresponding organisers are responsible for time-keeping.


  1. Use of Personal Data (audiovisual material, contact data etc)

9.A. Participants’ contact details

Shared trip only

9.A.1. Everyone’s key contact details are shared with the other members of each excursion group. By way of indication, about one week before each excursion, participants will receive organised lists at their personal e-mail address containing the key details of each member of each excursion team, such as telephone numbers (mobile or any other number entered in the participation form), e-mail address, age (in five-year brackets), stay area, accommodation and transport details, in order to create a neat communication platform. We are aware that this is a ‘sensitive’ topic; nevertheless, it is our official proposal and wish that the key details of each group member are shared with other participants so as to be available in emergencies (e.g. when someone needs something and the organisers have no cellular signal) or for simple and essential communication (e.g. someone may request/ask something they would like, such as being hosted in someone else’s more spacious tent, or travelling in the same vehicle in order to share expenses). Furthermore, it is a common occurrence after excursions to wish to meet up with someone again to hang out, so it helps having everyone’s details available.

9.A.2. We consider it self-evident that contact details will be used by each group member respectfully and discreetly; however, everyone remains exclusively responsible for his or her actions.

9.A.3. We recommend that all group members keep the list of participants on their person, as they may always need the telephone number or e-mail address of someone other than the organisers. For example, the organisers may be a. attending a yoga class with the excursion group, b. have no cellular signal or, for other reasons, be unable to answer, so it would help for everyone to have the contact details of all other group members. Another reason we recommend that each group member should have the contact details of everyone else is because during excursions the schedule is usually ‘versatile’, with multiple options for everyone, meaning we won’t always be together as a group; rather, there may be individual groups or personal moments for each person, whenever one feels the need for such a moment.


9.B. Participants’ personal details

Sometimes, we provide certain of the personal data at our availability to third-party associates/excursion organisers, in order to be able to enable them to contact each client and take account of the details of each individual, so as to provide high-quality and customised services. For example:

9.B.1. Some may use the e-mail addresses of participants for information purposes. The responsibility for proper use of the personal data of each client by our associates following an excursion exclusively burdens those associates and Explore Andros bears no liability whatsoever.

9.B.2. Where necessary, we will inform our associates of dietary preferences (e.g. our restaurants or chefs of choice), as well as experience, any injuries and the level attained in activities, such as a yoga class, a hike, and so forth.

9.B.3. This website will not request or store any payment information (e.g. credit card numbers).

  1. Jurisdiction

All matters arising are subject to the laws of the Hellenic Republic without regard to its conflict of law provisions.



Best regards,

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